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What is Connected?


Connected is your digital solution that allows you and us to work on - not in your business!

It's a proven affordable approach to accounting adopted world wide.  Connected is there whenever you need it.  Finally, a system that allows you to work on your business!

Software, no, Connected is much more than software.  Connected is a comprehensive package that incorporates information that you can use, services that help, and answers to your questions.

Keep your finger on the pulse of your business anytime or anywhere

Why wait until you file your taxes or your banker wants to renew your line of credit to know how your business in doing?   With a  Connected system you will know the details of Money Coming In--Money Going Out on any connected device.  How easy is that?

You want more?  Okay, your Connected reports gives you an all-in-one monthly snapshot of exactly how you’re hitting or missing your goals.

What.. that's not enough?  With our expertise you will know how to translate your profit and loss and cashflow. You will even get customized reports full of information that is important to you for the same affordable fixed fee!

Surprise Free Tax Service 

Being connected to BAK CPAs & Advisors means you'll never be surprised by a big IRS tax bill because your estimated tax is forcasted in real-time and always available.

Unlimited connected advice

Connected gives you affordable access to your CPA firm.  For a small business it's like having the luxury of a CFO at a price that makes sense.  

Connected is easy on you wallet, and easy to use

  • Automatic bank feeds – reconciliation is as easy as checking your email
  • Fixed weekly fee – no more nasty surprises with your accounting bill
  • Works on your existing computer, no special hardware required
  • Built in backup system
  • No upfront software purchase required
  • Free software upgrades – you’ll always have the latest version
  • Full training provided
  • Ongoing phone and email support, at no extra charge

Are you ready to Connect?

Care to find out more? Want your business to have a solid Connection?

We invite you to pick up the phone, shoot us an email or drop by for a chat.

We’re looking forward to hearing from you.

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